On 4 April, 2016, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics and Business, VNU- Hanoi held the annual session for students to present results of their scientific research in academic year 2015/16. This event has been considered to be amongst the most significant activities of the faculty and received unprecedented attentions from public.
Scientific research is deemed as a worthwhile opportunity for students to review and consolidate knowledge learned from textbooks. It also serves as an undoubtedly notable platform to approach to and creatively apply new knowledge, yet importantly invent authentic solutions to real-life dilemmas. For this reason, the Faculty of Business Administration highly appreciates those who show signs of critical thinking, independent thinking, commitment to navigating future and especially eagerness to obtain new knowledge. Apart from encouraging the scientific research activities of lecturers and professors, the Faculty of Business Administration is always committed to providing every stimulus and incentive to students to pursue their interests in such activities.
 The session was honoured to welcome the exclusive appearance of Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh, Director of International Standard Program and also a representative from the faculty. The Judgment committee was composed of Committee chairman Dr. Do Tien Long and two committee members including Dr. Dang Thi Huong and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai.


Pool of topics this year showed a clear sign of diversity, innovation and above all the intense concentration on such socio-economic emergences as ‘application of made-in-Vietnam lean management to public primary education’, ‘Application of made-in-Vietnam lean management to hospitality management’, ‘Brand name effects on buying behaviours of Vietnamese in food sector’, ‘Solutions to improve the demand-supply chain in Hanoi-based Kids Plaza supermarkets’ and so forth.   
In general, all topics of research were highly praised by the committee and said to be an important stepping-stone to further major research. To achieve these outstanding accomplishments, all six teams had to pour a great deal of efforts into their papers ranging from carefully choosing applicable topics, gathering reliable data to figuring out suitable models to conduct research. Thus, a majority of topics succeeded in declaring clear research objectives, explicitly describing the research results, providing good stances and at the same time presenting a number of real-life examples. Last but not least, all participants are believed to acquire continued prominent research capacity and extraordinary mindsets in their life-long learning and careers.
 The Faculty representative, Judgment Committee members and six research teams
Here are the final results:

The best paper award was given to topic ‘Application of made-in-Vietnam lean management to public primary education’ which was developed by two students Le Thi Ly Ly and Nguyen Thi Nguyen


The 1st runner-up was the team of two students Nguyen Thi Chon and Pham Thi Doan with topic ‘Solutions to improve the supply-demand chain in Hanoi-based Kid Plaza supermarkets’

The 2nd runner-up shared by three teams/ candidates:
  •  Nguyen Thi Thao Ly with topic "Relationship between the multifunctional employees and flexibility and delivery performances in Vietnamese manufacturing companies"
  • Nguyen Hoang Kim with topic "Application of made-in-Vietnam lean management to hospitality management, case of Indochina Junk company"
  • Vu Thi Hong Hoa with topic "Application of Quality Function Deployment model to products development in Vietnam, case of EAS company"
  • Tran Thi Mai Huong, Tran Thi Huong, Tong Thi Mai with topic "Brand name effects on buying behaviours of Vietnamese in foods sector, case of Duc Viet foods Jsc."
The judgment committee highly acknowledged invested efforts and superior results of all students. Committee chairman Dr. Do Tien Long massively praised six teams’ eagerness to learn new knowledge, endeavours to accomplish such great papers and curiosity to the above and beyond what textbooks taught. The best paper award-winning team and 1st runner-up will be representatives for Faculty of Business Administration to compete in the university-level scientific research session.  
Students’ research always plays a critical part in the Faculty of Business Administration’s teaching and learning activities. Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh also stated that: "All research activities in our faculty would always go hand in hand with real-life experience in addition to principles learnt from textbooks. Through such activities, we would also be able to absorb updated academic knowledge and yet apply them to solve long-standing dilemmas in our country"

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