First prize for Chu Dau group

In 7thNovember, the final scientific conference had already been held. At the conference, students of the Faculty of  Business Administration in UEB and Osaka City University (OCU) students gathered together to make a discussion after the previous Fieldtrip to 6 companies.

Each group had its 2 own searching results: 1 from Vietnamese and the other is from Japanese students belonging to that group. Therefore,all members need a discussion to share to each other their information that they collected from the reality. Sat one by one (Vietnamese/ Japanese), exchanged knowledge and made the slides to release only one unify report that would be presented afterwards.

With the exciting atmosphere spread out among the whole classroom, everybody not only paid attention on his/her task, but also concerned with teamwork and designed the team to show the best performance. Then the discussion came to the end quickly, so the movement into presentation be accepted 2 hours later.

Six groups are divided by the work between Vietnamese and Japanese appropriately. Both Vietnamese and Japanese students took part in the presentations and presented perfectly its own company structures and realities in the organization orderly: Muong Thanh Hotel; Tan Phat Joint Stock Company; Chu Dau Ceramic Company; Giao Long Company; Hapro Company; Old Quarter.

The presentation lasted 2 hours from 11:00am to 1:00 pm with many experiences and after the lunch time, the meeting came back at 2:00 p.m. Dr.Dang Minh & Prof. Ota had to find out the 3 best performing presentations. They gave the judgment based on some criteria such as: the link between the research and reality, professional/ impressive skills, lively (pictures, figures, videos…) and the coordinating during performance.

Finally, Chu Dau Ceramics Group won the first prize. The followings 2nd and 3rd orderly belonged to Old Quarter and Giao Long Group.

All of the people who attended the conference also agree with the choice of Dr. Dang Minh and Prof. Ota. Through all 6 presentations, students from both OCU and UEB got themselves lessons (presentation skill, the method to get information from the company, etc).

Japanese students had prepared many special traditional gifts from Japan, brought to the meeting and warmly gave to Vietnamese students.

Vietnamese and Japanese students took a rest, chatted to each other and performed special songs together. Especially, Japanese student brought a highly martial atmosphere when they stood together, held hands on the stage and sang thunderously the great national songs. That could be the meaning of their proud, their love, and their effort in working and their belief in a bright future for Japan. That is the most impressive performance.

The meeting successful finished with the applauses, smiles and the memories still remain inside each one.



Viết bài: LêThịTrà My

Biên tập: Nguyễn Thanh Tú


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