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First Meeting with VNU

The first program between Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) and Osaka City University, Japan (OCU) was held at UEB 30 minutes earlier than what was scheduled which was approximately at 9.00am. The program began with welcoming greeting from VNU and continued with speech from both VNU and OCU. After that, the guest was being served with a delightful singing of “Hello Vietnam” and dancing performance from UEB students. It was a wonderful way to ‘tell’ the guest that VNU welcome them with open-hearted.

The main objective of this first meeting is to present the presentations made by students from VNU and OCU. There were 6 case study involved in the total of 12 presentations. Those case studies were Muong Thanh Hotel, Tan Phat, Giao Long, Hapro, Chu Dau and Old Quarter. Each university sent one group of students for each team presentations whereby one case study will be presented by OCU and VNU (which the case study being presented twice). This is to compare how both universities identify all the criteria, problems and solutions for each case study especially the one which related to company’s issues. It was very interesting to see how both universities delivered the same case study in different ideas.

The event continued with some discussion between OCU and VNU students regarding what kind of preparations they need to do in conjunction with visiting the selected places for each team on the next day. The students had a round table discussion and it turned out fine for each team. The meeting ended with the ‘blended’ ideas from both universities. It was great to have this kind of mature discussion where the students experiencing the practical scenario where this thing actually happen in reality. The discussion also led the students to step out in knowing each other from different university or in an easier word, “ice-breaking”. The students took this chance to exchange their point of views and even the thinking cultures between these two.

p/s: The first meeting went smoothly and all risk management was handled efficiently.

Day 2 – Nov 6th

Field Trip to Chu Dau Pottery

The program continued on the 2ndday for the field trip to the company that each team presented about on the first day. All foreign students from FBA, UEB joined the Chu Dau Pottery team to Thai Tan, Nam Sach, Hai Duong province. We started the journey on 7.30am from VNU main gate. It took us for 3 hours to arrive to the place as the traffic seemed heavy. The place located in village. I can say that the view   was peaceful and breathtaking where along the journey, students can see beautiful nature of Nam Sach and how the countryside looks like in Vietnam. The bus was really comfortable so the students and lecturers managed to have a good rest before arriving to the pottery village.

Our group arrived to the place around 10.30am and was greeted by the manager himself. It was a big honor to be greeted by the owner himself. We entered the pottery store and was welcomed with a Vietnamese signature tea and some speeches from our lecturer, Dr. Dang Minh followed by Dr. Ota (sensei) and finally by the owner. After some sips of tea and a short rest after arrival, we begun to have a quick tour started with honoring the founder of Chu Dau Pottery at a special building. We continued the journey to the workshop where the workers making potteries and do the drawing on many kinds of potteries. There were many designs and patterns that we can see from the workshop. Most of them were designed with traditional theme. The tour continued to other workshop where the mold is being made and used. There were hundreds of molds in the workshop.

We ended the tour with a short Q & A sessions, where the students and lecturers took this chance to ask as many questions as they want too to the manager. Most of the questions related to the managing issues and human resource. Many problems and solutions were issued by both students and lecturers for the company’s benefit. As stated by the manager, the main intention of Chu Dau Company is to keep the traditional value of the design. These solutions yet will be filed formally and will be returned to the company for their revision.

Before we left, VNU and OCU exchanged gifts with Chu Dau Pottery Company as an appreciation symbol from both sides. A group photo was taken for our memory. The discussion about Chu Dau Pottery was not over at the site, it was continued on the bus as well. All the students were required to voice out their point of view according the field trip. Most of the students mention about the company intention to keep the traditional design as they felt that in the future, the number of the traditional-design-lovers will be decreasing as so, the company have to create a new design or find another way to keep the traditional design but at the same time let the company gain profit. All the students were giving the best view they had to help the company to keep on growing in a long period of time.

After the discussion, all the students had a good rest before arriving to VNU. The journey took a shorter time as the traffic was not heavy at noon as so, we arrived one hour earlier than before. The students still have to discuss further for what they gained on the field trip in the afternoon session. The discussion will help in presenting on the next day. It was a competition between each other team, where the best group that came out with a good and fascinating ideas will be a winner.


Day 3 – Nov 7th

Final Presentation Day

The presentation began where each team present the outcome they received from the field trip. All the problems, weakness and solutions were listed. The bombastic ideas came out from the combination of ideas between OCU and VNU. It was not matter which group won, but the main point was how both parties worked as one team to solve a problem. It was a great teamwork. I am thankful for this experience and felt so lucky to be part of this program.

The students were having a great time together and at the same time they learnt something meaningful and worth all the efforts given by them.

This was the last day for the VNU students joining this program with OCU for this year. It was hard to say goodbye to the Japanese students but all the experience with them will be a memorable one for both VNU and OCU students.

Many lessons can be taking from the final presentation such as the right way on presenting ideas and the list of things need to be mention when presenting about a company or a case study.


Overall, it was a great program and this kind of program should be continued for the next time. It was really worth it having this sort of experiences on handling an exchange program between 2 countries. Maybe one day, VNU can do the same thing with University of Malaya, Malaysia. Let look forward for it in the next time. Thank you for giving us chance experiencing this great experience.

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