In the last spring semester, 2 students from department of business management: Tran Anh Kien- QH2012E and Nguyen Thi Thao Ly- QH2011E had taken part into the exchange program in Uppsala, Sweeden.  This is the 3rd time the exchanges take place within the framework of the Linnaeus-Palme program, a cooperative exchange agreement about transferring the lectures and students between 2 universities: University of Economics and Business and Uppsala universities (Sweden)

In the period of 5 months from 16 of January to 15 of June in 2015, 2 students were engaged in learning and cultural exchange at the University of Uppsala…  The Uppsala universities first launched in 1477 and be one of the oldest universities in the Northern Europe.  It can be assertive that this is the extreme opportunities for students to experience in the well- qualified international program. In these universities, the students enroll some subjects such as: ‘’International Business and Marketing’’, ‘’Industrial Marketing’’ ‘’Service Logic in Marketing’’…

Being asked about the experience gained in 5 months exchange, Kien zestfully shared: The exchange program furnishes me many novel things that I can’t ever forget. Firstly, regarding to friends, I studied in the exchange class so I can interact with many friends from other countries. On account of exchange students, my classmates are really open and social, so that I can learn many things from them such as: the learning attitude, the group execution or the way they enunciate the issues and protect it. For the learning agenda, I had approached the new learning method which helps the student become more active in receiving the knowledge. Each lesson will have students monitoring the class encompass: distributing the presentation section, analyzing the seminar content. By dint of learning in the culture- diversified environment, I can become more active to integrate and work with other exchange students. I feel truly lucky of learning in such a modern and high- quality environment.


As a senior student, Ly had joined up the advertent subject equivalent to master degree. The teaching method for the seniors embraces the orientation feature and relevant for preparing the final thesis. Aside from absorbing the knowledge, the subject also enhance the analysis skill, the group execution; beside the student can merely get use to the research content, the language research through the realistic article. For once or two times per week, the student can also have the final thesis orientation lesson from the lecture.


 Students are presenting with the poster

Not only having the inspired experience through approaching the knowledge and teaching method, the students also meet and make friends with other students from other countries by dint of the vigorous culture- exchanged program.

It might be said that this is a great opportunity for students in university of economics and business have a chance to learn and take step closer to the International program, so that the student can have the optimistic viewpoint about themselves and the study environment. It can be hoped that these kind of exchange program will always be supported and maintained by the department and the universities executives, making the chance for students to go further to the horizon of culture and knowledge.

Kien Tran 
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