1.    General Information:

- Major:

   Vietnamese: Quản Trị Kinh Doanh

   English:           Business Administration

- Code:               52310104

- Degree:           Bachelor

- Duration:        4 years of full – time study

- Name of degree after graduation:

    Vietnamese:     Cử nhân ngành quản trị kinh doanh

    English:        Bachelor of Business Administration (International Standard Program)

- Unit responsible for educating:

   Faculty of Business Administration – University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University (VNU)


2.    Program objectives:


     Training Bachelors of Business Administration at international standard, who are capable of working, analyzing, researching, teaching and implementing activities in the field of business administration at enterprises (joint ventures, foreign capital and multinational companies and groups...), universities, institutions and other organizations; be able to continue study to participate in higher education, to gain experience to become leaders, senior experts in business administration.


3.   Enrollment Information


- How to apply: Follow the regulation of Ministry of Education and Training (Moet), VNU

- Who can apply:

+ Applicant who are high school graduates can take the annual entrance exam and meet the requirement of Moet and VNU

+ Applicant who matriculated in a member university of VNU and have high score in entrance exam in the same year and the same band (at least equal to matriculated score of Business Administration), and meet the requirement of the university

- Band: A, A1, D1


4.     Requirement for applying:


- Applicant who have enough matriculated score to apply Business Administration, International Standard Program

- Applicant must do the enroll procedure before at least 15 days from the enroll day following the requirement of the university.

- When applicants enroll, they must do all of the requirement following the Summons.


5. Requirements for graduation


- In the permitted maximum duration

- Until graduation, students are not in time for criminal prosecution

- Accumulate enough credits specified in the curriculum

- Cumulative GPA is equal to or greater than 2.50

- Achieve English level equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or C1

- Achieve 5 soft skill certificate

- Pass the course of National Defense and Security Education, Physical Education
 Faculty of Business Administration 
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