Choosing the way

      After graduating from International Standard Program of my university, I always wondered what to do to express the pride of being an ISP generation that had been strongly supported in studying. ISP did not teach "higher" knowledge than other programs, but we had opportunities to experience, to be proactive in researching, learning, and above all we had the dare to dream and pursue dreams.


      After the graduation, many classmates had chances to work in production management, ISO accreditation, Marketing, Import and Export,… for many foreign-capital companies of South Korea, Japan,… such as Samsung, Posco, Hajin, Idemitsu .... and in many different sectors: manufacturing, education, business, human services… Some even started up their own business. It was really a professional environment providing dynamic opportunities for career and personal development.


      For me, I work in a state company, not entirely as intended, because I always thought about state firms to not be dynamic, somehow stagnant. However, I had to change my mind. My first job was in the Department of Human Resources – in the University of Economics and Business and my current job is in the Northwest Office of the Vietnam National University of Hanoi, both in the field of science and technology management. Each job, each environment has its own characteristics and totally not offers simple tasks. Another lesson I learned is that I have to not only always complete the work at 100% but also have to offer innovation, creativity to achieve a higher efficiency. I am luckily working in the place I had studied in 4 years, with people of UEB. There are many whom I have admired and learnt a lot from. I feel a working spirit of mutual support and mutual help to develop.


      I and my friends, pursuing our own dreams, chose different ways to develop. There is no environment which is bad and also, not all working environment offer every favorable factor for personal growth. In each environment, individuals must be flexible, adjust and find ways to promote their strength. For me, who comes belong to a young generation, the most important preparation is the dare to dream and to pursue our dreams. The situation does not completely determine the success of each individual, but themselves. Before dreaming of great things about an organization or being a leader, be sure to constantly improve ourselves and manage successfully personal goals.

Truong Thi Dinh
ISP Student, K54 BA
Email: truongthidinh1121991@gmail.com


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