Actually, 4 years of college is unforgettable time in my life. It was the time to found myself: desire freedom, liberty and freedom conquer discovery.


       Since the very first day, Linh was a shy girl and everything seemed to be new. However, she tried to integrate with a life away from home.


         The life in dormitory with new friends, close together like a family, shared everything with each other. 


       Until now, whenever I came back the dormitory, the staffs in the dorm management also tasted me that:” Would you retake the university then go into dorm, I will try to arrange you in the room which you have lived before” At that moment, I was so happy and wanted to come back the time when I was a student.


       The time when I came to lecture, practiced English together, discussed of the practical difficulties, made presentation, I was better at English and more confidence. Moreover, I had many fieldtrip to learn more about lives. I lived more open, and more sympathetic looked at life under many different ways to always think positive.


       Besides learning, there were so many extracurricular activities such as: Connecting day, Camping, graduation gala, clubs, conducting business project. Linh also had the opportunity to participate in the awards and competitions in and outside school, that's when Linh made the workout business projects and learned more from the other. The students from previous classes inspired me while the next class student made me more dynamic, youthful and open. My classmates helped me more integration and better at teamwork. Finally, the friends from other universities made me understand that I must strive to learn.


       I would say, through four years of college, I liked the makeover and improve myself from thinking to action. Those looking back, I feel overwhelmed and happy to know that his original decision was absolutely correct.




       Even when I work or study, I always do them with both enthusiasm and passion because Linh understand that when I am passionate and focused with the job, despite how the results, I will never regret.


       When I was in the last school year and preparation of thesis, I matriculated into JSC Giao Long investment - implementing projects for sustainable agricultural development in Vietnam. Fortunately, I received guide project implementation from young, talent vice president such as: market research, analysis of competitors, product development, and communications. The process of working with leaders who have a vision to help me more mature parts, think and analyze the situation better and handle jobs quickly.


       As I said pursuing agricultural projects, many people teased me that “When you work in agricultural, the youth through very fast, by the time devoted to fields”. But I understood that Vietnam is an agricultural country, most of our people rely on the land to live and I want to contribute my best for developing the agriculture in our country.  


       Currently, I am the leader of “Lien Thao sustainable agricultural development” project. In addition, I researched consumer market and worked directly with farmers. That was the chance for me to listen to story about attached to every inch of the land of the previous generations and expect the younger generation as we can though Vietnam's agricultural products to other countries. In the end of the story and field trip, there was a woman who give me a kohlrabi and a cabbage and said” I give you to take home as a gift, although It is not so much, I grown so it is umami”.  It was a simple gift but the person imbued touched me deeply. It was then that I knew I was, am and will go in the right direction.


       Passion will lead you in the right path that you choose. Linh also hope you can find your passion, and pursue success with that choice.




-         Graduated in the Faculty of Business Administration

-         Third Prize for scientific research works of students of School Level in 2013

-         Win the prize : “ Luong Van Can talent awards”

-         Consolation prize of  Essay contest – 2011

-         The member of  Luong Van Can talent club

-         The leader of Lien Thao project at Giao Long JSC investment.

Nguyen Thi Hai Linh
ISP Student, K54 BA
Email:  linh.nguyenthihai1904@gmail.com
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