Currently the 5th International standard program of Faculty of Business Administration-University of Economics and Business – VNU is running. Most of us are now familiar with phrases "mission strategy", "international standard". However, just five years ago, K53 students had to confront many obstacles and were surprised by a brand-new and special training program of VNU.

       Let's listen to the sharing of Nguyen Hue Minh - K53 student of Business Administration:


       “At the first time of the course, I still think that our studying program has normal curriculum like other universities. However, after joining in the International Standard Program of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, I was so surprised and happy because our program is really different from other normal programs. We learned in a very good condition with up-to-date curriculum and modern facilities supporting to studying process. Through the time of the course, we were really lucky to have chances of working with a group of professional and helpful lecturers of the course. They were foreign lecturers, and professors who were educated in abroad. Their teaching methods were very interesting and impressive. They turned linguistics and research methodology into really exciting and practical subjects. Particularly, learning in English brought us a lot of advantages in comparison with other students as we can easily access to English materials to update our knowledge, we have many opportunities to communicate and learn from foreigners, and especially, we will be more and more confident in our further studies and future jobs. I must say that it was very honored and proud for us to be students in the International Standard Program of Vietnam National University, Hanoi”

       Ms. Hue Minh is one of the most outstanding students of class K53 Business Administration. In the first year of the international standard program, she was valedictorian of major D in the entrance examination to the University of Economics and Business - VNU. After four years learning and experiencing in Faculty of Business Administration, she graduated with excellence degree. Currently she is a professional researcher, continuing to follow her dream of academic career.  

Nguyen Hue Minh

ISP student, K53 BA

Email: nguyenhueminh146@gmail.com 
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