Student Ambassadors Program Google - Google Student 
Ambassador ( GSA ) is a program established by the Google corporation for the purpose of targeting to the students. 
The Google Student Ambassadors recruited by acting as a bridge between Google and the university . In Vietnam now has 8 student ambassadors . To support its activities , GSA established the organization GSG ( Google Student Group) - Google Community students .
And this year the application form to become Google Student Ambassador 2nd in Vietnam has officially begun. To help you have more information about this program and how to register , GSA Hanoi chain organizations sharing sessions " Ready , be GSA " to introduce students to the attention of the GSA program overview and interests he became ambassador to Google.
GSA Campus will be held at 3 locations :
- 18h - 20h 6 ( 03/28/2014 ) : At D2 National Economics University
- 18h - 20h Sunday ( 03.30.2014 ) : The Students Cultural House Foreign Trade University
- 18h - 20h Tuesday ( 01/04/2014 ) : At Hubit No. 2 Ngo Quyen , Hoan Kiem , Hanoi
- And especially the evening hangout on air this Sunday (30/ 3) for all conditions you can not attend the program 
 Here is the link hangouts : http://bit.ly/GSAVietnamFAQ .
And here is the direct link track on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eDqsvSfOuc
To attend you share the link please register at : http://goo.gl/7lUCsg
Also, for more information about the student ambassador program Google , you can join to ask questions via the channel :
- GSA Campus Event : http://goo.gl/7lUCsg
- GSA Q & A : http://goo.gl/zQUCJ2
Make sure you regularly track event to receive the share extremely helpful from GSA Vietnam offline!
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