The peal of school drum appears which is the signal of a school break is. A little teacher hurriedly drops by her favorite Harry Potter-styled coffee shop at Ho Xuan Huong Road, leaves behind the sound of the student’s chatting and the unexpected rain like cats and dogs of Saigon. Silently observing the hurried people here and sensing the indescribable fragrance of stuffily sunny Saigon before the rain, she misses Hanoi and her friends there. Yesterday, she was asked to write about her feeling of the amazingly memorable student’s time at university. Plentiful memories have returned immersing her into the feeling like the early crystal clear autumn days of her beloved Hanoi. 
       I’m just a graduate for a while and decided to move to Saigon for doing business. For me, everything happened unexpectedly. I have been fond of business when I was a child; therefore, I enrolled the Faculty of Business Administration at University of Economics and Business. I did not choose other well-known universities such as National Economics University or Foreign Trade University simply because almost my high school friends attended these universities. So far, I have felt so proud and lucky for that decision. It could be said that studying at FBA-UEB has been one of the most precious time of my entire life. There have been all my beloved teachers and friends who are always willing to help each other in studying as well as normal life. Therefore, I find it extremely difficult to describe all my feeling, my gratitude and admiration toward them. Besides all the attractive and professional presentations, my sincere teachers are also friendly and helpful in the class, domestic or abroad internships as well. Moreover, they also listen to their students’ innermost feeling and aspirations then give them advice. It is my teachers that inspired me, strengthened my passion for my first job and motivated me to get close to my students. My short-term goal is establishing my own training center where spreads the love of teaching and contributes to build a new generations who follow their passions enthusiastically, live ideally and has responsibility for themselves, for their families as well as for the whole society.
      Apart from knowledge and skills enhancing through 4 years of university, friends are also my priceless treasure. All the group presentations and extra exercises did help us understand each other deeply. It is the effective cooperation based on the understanding others and team work that makes us stay together in some science competitions, students’ contests in both university’s scale and outer scale, club’s activities and volunteer’s activities. Now, I still remember those tough discussions between me – a sensitive girl and other boys because of stress from a school contest. However, I have learnt how to respect my partners and think in a different perspective. I still remember those “white-nights” working together, the sound of receiving email continuously, the peal of mobile constantly, and the always “available” mode of Skype. And then, consequently, everybody immerses in the happiness of winning the prize, smiles blissfully and cries satisfactorily sometimes. Today, we all choose the different way for ourselves, work for the different organization in different cities and even countries, nevertheless, we remain to follow, care and share the difficulties with each other as “we born to be soul mates.”
      In the future, whenever we gather, we will give hand to make our own trademark. And it is University of Economics and Business that strengthens our love, our passion and provides us the courage to make the students’ dream come true.
To sum up, I wish all my teachers will stay healthy and work effectively; wish all the students at UEB now will continue our spirit, think big and do bigger; wish our FBA-UEB will develop more and more, continue to contribute to the nation’s education and development. 
And finally, maintain your inner flame, all my dearest FBA’s students
Nguyen Nhu Ngoc
ISP student, K54 BA
Email: ngocnn22@gmail.com
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