6/4 afternoon, at the main hall of Ham Rong hotel (Sapa, Lao Cai), the lecturers and students of faculty of Business Administration, the University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National university and lecturers of Upsalla university, Sweden have chance to meet and communicate with representative management of Ham Rong rubber tourism company.

   Through the introduction of Mr. Nguyen Van Chien- vice director of hotel, we are known about history and the development and attraction toursists about hotel. Ham Rong hotel was built by French since 1914, through nearly 100 years with some repair and upgraded times, it still keeps the ancient beauty, elegance and modern European style. The hotel achives two stars of international standard with the professional employees that are willing to serve and response to the need of visiting, relaxation of tourist. Including the tourism development project of local area, recent years, Ham Rong rubber tourism company builded Ham Rong resort which brings beautiful scene, Europe flower garden, 12 animal statues model, geology cave, ... Yearly, Ham Rong resort welcomed hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists to visit and breathtaking, that enhace the business objective of company increase from 5%-20% each year.


Beside tourism, company also expands to other businesses such as rubber export, restaurants, delivery and transportation.


Q&A Section during the field trip to Ham Rong company


After a general introduction with full brief and concise, the question and answer part held between students and staff have made ​​the atmosphere becomes more active and exciting, the students continue to give some secret questions  about how company attract tourists successfully and compete solutions in comparison with its competitors in Sa Pa town. The witty and full answers satisfy the most of our questions and help us visualize the theory of business management that we learned a lot. In fact, the secret of the company's business is always connected with a simple truth: always respect and satisfy customers , they consider customers as great friends, always there for you even if you are in pain . Trusted partner of the company is travel companies in country and abroad, there is always the priority policies and rebate forms for them. The company staff has always been concerned about the mental aspect and the physical heart to always keep the long-term enthusiasm for teamwork unanimously contribution to the company. Therefore, company always has the strategic development of forms of discounts, organized the event , ... through the central stage of the year, such as holidays , the end of the year to collect attract more tourists. In addition, the company build a specialized business management room, actively explore new things, building and program development trend of the times.


 Student asking questions about company profile

 Indeed, the actual interaction with staff officers and Ham Rong rubber tourism company, helped us understand more about the efficient business model of the company, and added to the knowledge theory books that we have learned in school. Come back from Sapa trip every student cannot avoid to think of the anxiety and thoughts. Land, air, and especially people and especially interesting things learned at Ham Rong company are those things we will not forget of our life students who love Business Administration and love practical experiences.
Author: Giang Pham & Phuong Anh, BA Plus
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