Lecturers and students of Faculty of Business Administration at Honda Vietnam

In order to support the students of International Standard Program (ISP) from Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) have practical knowledge of some subjects such as Management of Innovation& Change, Corporate Governance, Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management, QH2009-E and QH2010-E students have a fieldtrip to Honda Vietnam companies in Vinh Phuc.


The students of FBA under the introduction of Dr. Nham Phong Tuan (Lecturer of Innovation course) and Ms. Pham Thu Hien (the coordinator of ISP from FBA) have had some practical experiences on meeting with managers and had visited operation model of Honda Vietnam.


   Honda Vietnam Company is a joint venture with 3 partners: Japan Honda Motor Company, Asia Honda Motor Thailand Company and Vietnam Movers and Agricultural Machine Company. On approaching Vietnam market in 1996, Honda Vietnam Company always tries to strive to be one of the famous companies not only of scale development, product quality but also of being pioneer company in innovation field and long-term strategic development.



 Honda staff introduced students to visit the company factory. At this place, students can see clearly equipment layout, operation process in accordance with the standard of LEAN manufacturing with Japan Honda quality control.

After listening to Mr. Do Duc Viet (External Department) presenting about history, activities and layout of Honda Vietnam Company, the students started to visit the process of making motorbikes with electronic fuelinjection engine in 2nd


After that, students had an interesting discussion with Mr. Viet about Honda manufacturing activities that connecting to the knowledge of 2 subjects Strategic Management and Innovation such as Honda long-term development strategy in the future when Vietnam motorbike market becomes saturates; the policies to promote the worker’s innovation; social responsibilities activities and so on. Based on that, students were aware of the importance of knowledge that they have studied, and especially how to apply to the real life.


Although the fieldtrip only lasted a morning, the knowledge that students gained not only supported the study process but also helped students to accumulate business experience for your future work


Author:  Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai, ISP, K54BA
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