The new semester has come with much interest and expectation. Which knowledge can we discover? Which social activities can we participate in? All of these are interesting questions which promote us to go straight and try to discover and experience. First outdoor activity of new semester of K55BA Class was the fieldtrip to Bai Dinh Pagoda – Trang An Ecological Area. It is the event to promote our study enthusiasm after a long summer vacation.

   The fieldtrip has impressed me and all of people a lot with many memories. Participating in the trip, I had a chance to see the scenery of huge mountains, which was the capital of Vietnamese people in the past; to listen to the lovely, enthusiastic presentation of the beautiful guider, who was born in this place; to feel the steps on climbing the mountain.


   Especially, there was a professor Mr. Kalirajan, who taught us the subject “Significant economic topics” for 2 weeks and going to come back to Australia in some days, joining in this fieldtrip. I was also lucky to meet his wife, who was a traditional Indian woman with an Eastern Asian attractive beauty, and discover the Indian culture. Moreover, the fieldtrip also had the participation of Ms.Hien, a dynamic coordinator of FBA; a Japanese student Tokimitsu Suzuki and a German exchange student Lan Anh, who was so beautiful and good at Vietnamese. A trip with special beginning and special people made us a very special feeling.


   Our trip began early in a little cold weather of autumn, slightly wind, and warm sunshine. The weather maybe support our trip so much. Sitting next to the window and the Japanese Tokimitsu (we friendly called him Toki), we shared many interesting things. More than 2 hours driving, we went through many green fields, huge mountains. I was so happy when Toki watched and took picture with enthusiasm. At that time, I felt so proud of Vietnamese people and country.


After many snaky roads over some huge mountains, our place appeared. What a big construction! What an impressive Buddhism architecture! What a peaceful atmosphere! These are all of things that we spoke out about what we saw.


   After the trip, almost people felt tired and exhausted. However, they felt so excited and proud. Having a chance to travel with lecturer, friends; discover beautiful places in our country; learn the culture, people of the old capital Ninh Binh are great experiences. The fieldtrip made K55 FBA class more unique anqd sustainable. We are proud of our faculty and people. Thanks to Faculty of Business Administration for an awesome time.
Author: Linh Chi, BA Plus Club. 
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