On 06/04/2013, International Standard Program (ISP) students at K55BA organized fieldtrip to Sapanapro company which produce herbal leaves bathing of the Red Dao in Ta Phin, Lao Cai.

   From Ham Rong hotel, Car went to Ta Phin on Saturday afternoon to visit Indigenous products Sapanapro JSC. It was an afternoon with many memorable and new experiences.


   Car stopped near the committee, the red Dao girls with red turban gravitated to welcome us, they smiled friendly and led us to the company, on their way they were very open to answer our questions, their lives were still hard, but they had enough food, clothing, spiritual life, education and support were so much better than ethnic salesman coming from the towns of Sapa where is ten kilometers far from.


   Right from first days of establishment in 2006, the company Sapanapro always received great support from the leading experts of the University of Medicine and Agricultural University in terms of technology and expertise as well. We had a cordial conversation about the company's business, the work and life of Ta Phin people with Lao Li Lo - director of the company and also a red Dao people. He welcomed us with slow and closed manner, he is still very young – a member of 8x generation, due to difficult life, he was absent from class 6, but after that, he self-studied business knowledge, machine computer to manage the company and created jobs for the people in his village.


   The products have been studied to develop a systematic science by scientists of Hanoi University of Pharmacy. Therefore, all products ensuring the quality and science can gain the trust and confidence of consumers. Until now, herb bathing has been circulated on the market in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and many other cities and provinces across the country. The company's manufacturing facility is located in Ta Phin commune, consisting of a house storing herb leaves, a medicine heaters orchestra, and spot bathroom for tourists which has about 140 visitors daily using the company's services. The company creates jobs for 12 employees with monthly salary of 4-5 million and generates steady income for more than 100 personnel to the Dao. Herb leaves are grown under the forest canopy all year round by the Dao, so materials are very characteristic and available. Manufacturing jobs and business are on the reels development, according to Mr.Luong - Deputy Director of the company - producing is not enough to meet the needs of users from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Strategy for the next 10 years, the company will expand production to meet the domestic market and penetrate the Russian market because main foreign tourists are Russians and there are many Vietnamese people in Russia, too.

Coordinator of Business Administration and lecturer exchanges with him Ly Lao Lo - Company Director Sapanapro


   Exposure to the Red Dao woman selling handmade products, we have been very touched by the warm atmosphere as if we are friend and just met after a long day, their faces lingered in my mind during the way come back home.

Author: Giang Phan, ISP Students, K55 BA
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