1. How to choose your research project supervisor?


   You can ask your supervisor for help in these cases:


   Your lecturer who have interest in your research project- Submit your project research ideas and anything involved to your faculty in order to get the best support from your unit


   Here are some tips from senior:


   - Choosing supervisor who has a great experience in doing research: The teacher/lecturer has longtime experience in holding to perform a scientific research project. You will learn a lot from this teacher. Although he/ she may not fully understand the issues mentioned in your own research, they will certainly know how to get your phone coherence, logic and consistency best. For Scientific Research and Training, the logic is the most important requirement.


   - Choosing your lecturer who has in-depth knowledge in the field and most fit to your research


   - Choose your lecturer who has enthusiasm: most teachers will be willing to help you if asked.


   2. How does your supervisor help with the researching project?


      - Your supervisor‘s chosen will contribute to over 50% in the success, or failure of a topic that you are performing. Although there will be a department called the management room of scientific research to help students in finding supervisor to fit with the subject, but the best students should actively explore, communicate with Supervisor that you are looking to work together under the guidance in the preceding sentence.


   - How much the supervisor will help with the research depends on the interaction between members of the group with the supervisor: more frequent the exchanges, asking and editing the subject, the more they can help with the topic.


   3. Some tips when working with your supervisor


   - Do not hesitate to contact directly with your supervisor: Do not hesitate to make a phone call and remember to prepare what you need to say very carefully and request a meeting with the teacher if needed. When you came to see them, you’d better prepared the topic name, as well as the purpose of fulfilling your aspirations of making it. 

   - Frequent communication with your supervisor: do not wait until the end, you should be submitted the project at the very beginning


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