Phung Duc Quyen – “Every scientific research requires a great deal of proactive minded”

   During the Student conference on scientific research of University of Economics and Business – VNU, academic year 2012 – 2013, took place on 31/5/2012, UEB representatives has selected the works are really worthy. The First prize of Scientific Research this year belongs to Phung Duc Quyen, QH-2009-E Finance and Banking. Let's listen to his favorite sharing after this interesting journey: scientific research his hardship


   “In my opinion, university or college study requires high concentration and independent, as well as high sense of proactive. Do not expect someone to tell you what to do, which road to go, what documents to read, ... Each student participating in scientific research must be fully active doing research with his/her creative or innovative to find his/her own direction, methodology for their own study”


Phung Duc Quyen (left) received the First Prize of UEB Scientific Research in 2013 with subject "Examine on the stability of the top largest commercial banks in Vietnam”


   In addition, each student is required a firmly basic knowledge to achieve succeed. From my own experience as well as experience of seniors, I realized there is some must-have basic knowledge as follows:


   Specific economy knowledge: Depending on the area in which you participate in the study, knowledge requirements will be different in platforms, it might be corporate finance, professional banking service, marketing, international trade,... These are prerequisites indispensable when doing scientific research.


   Foreign languages ​​- especially English: having influence skill in practical English will help you a lot in the process of doing scientific research. In terms of the Vietnamese references is very limited, the ability to understand English could help you a lot in finding reference which is published widely in English on journals, reports, reviews around the world. However, the understanding English ability is only really effective if you also have a firmly basic knowledge of economics. 


   The quantitative tools: Along with the development and popularity of computers and software, the trend in recent years is the use of modern tools in quantitative research. Of course, the use of quantitative tools in research is not compulsory and students are absolutely have the right to choose whether to use these tools; however, the use of model will help students study more coherent, giving high quality results that will no longer generic and specific meaning than reality. To do this, you need to know the proficient application of econometric and statistical computing. But you should not overuse these quantitative methods.


   The Scientific research process requires the students to work either independently or in a group and voluntarily. However, in the actual implementation process, if students meet any difficulty, teachers or lecturer or instructor will be the guidance and energy empower. In fact, the team achieve high quality result are usually the group who takes proactive action and contact with the instructor from the very beginning of the process. Therefore when the college launched the scientific research, these group have already a clearly visualize of the relative topics and got ready to perform, they also receive feedback from faculty in the subject line selection. Since it is a topic on scientific research often includes many different issues out of curriculum, you can seek for help from other instructor from your faculty or from your college. If the problem related in the field of expertise of the teachers, the teachers will definitely helpful.





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