Luong Thi Tuyen - "Research Methodology like the bones framework ensures the logical"

   Luong Thi Tuyen (QH-2010-E KTPT, First prize of scientific research for UEB students in 2013) with the topic "Impact of climate change and adaptation strategies for coastal livelihoods in town Rang Dong, Nghia Hung district, Nam Dinh" shared many precious experiences:


   In scientific research, the most important thing is that we must know what is the topic of our research and what is it for? Identifying the objectives and purposes of your study is the same as you have an important appointment and you must know: who are you having appointment with and what are your appointments’ topic? But the study method is never allowed sketchy. It's like the logical bones guarantee for all studies. Nearly a year doing research on livelihoods, we have chosen the analytical framework of sustainable livelihoods of DIFID. From the beginning until the shaping method that is both a hard process of reading over and over of our members.


     Scientific research days are those day we "plowed" any involved raw materials, groping information on each individual computer day by day and those day we tried to encourage each other’s by singles message. There are times of dissent to get tired of one another, but our friendship, responsibility ... has led us to put aside the " I "personally to be able to continue the work of doing this research.


Student: Luong Thi Tuyen


   The most profound impression on me and the group was the actual field trip we had. We designed the questionnaire and reached the research location to in interview its residents. Our very first expectation is to collect all the data needed as much as we can and come back as quick as we could, but it turned out totally different. It’s a very meaningful field trip. During the actual research we have with any single residents of Rang Dong town, we accidentally met many real lives that seem to be real in only fairy tales.


   Parting these gentle people of Rang Dong, we returned to Hanoi with the question: "What can we do to help them?", and the "work" in our research started freshly again with real passion, sacrifice and a expectation of a fine results that could meet our question, the adaptive strategies for livelihoods that group proposed starting from the ambiguity of scientific research, and things have gradually changed the appearance of our hopes and passions. Finally, we are pleased saying a sincere thanks to the University of Economics, to teachers and lecturers of Faculty of Development Economics, to them who always accompany the team on the road ahead.



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