The contest “Idea explosion” hosted by SIFE of UEB came to an end on 3/12/2011 at meeting hall 801 –E4 UEB after 2 months competing. The final was full of intensity and excitement from the competition of 3 teams “CDERS”, “ZIGGY STARDUST” and “XÔI MỚI”. The final result was a win for “XÔI MỚI” of BA PLUS Club. After the contest, we had an interview with Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc – “XÔI MỚI”‘s leader.

Hi Ngoc, after the final IEC2 on December 3rd, what was your feeling?


Ngọc:  Honestly, I was very happy and excited but for that day only. The day after, I had to back to work immediately. I usually don’t have much work but I like working.


So you really are a working girl. That win is just the beginning so you don’t want to be happy for too long, right? During the competition (2 months), from forming the team, getting ideas to overcoming all obstacles to go to the final, could you share with us your difficulties you met?


Ngọc:  I can say that everything went smoothly until we had a problem in the finance domain in the final. All of us had never learnt anything about corporate finance before. We had to redo the financial plan several times.

However, we were also kindly supported by Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Lecturer of Entrepreneurship course, and many other friends from BA Plus Club. That was the reason why our business plan was finally completed


What about your teammates? Could you say something about them? 

Ngọc:   Just “some”? We have been classmates for 3 years, I have many things to say about them (laugh). No, just kidding! Those 4 guys are very dynamic. That was also a tiny disadvantage. They were sometimes very busy to put mind to the competition. Luckily, they kept the promise.


They must be proud listening to your words. It is known that the contest was the basis for the implementation of the ideas, do you have any intention to realize it?

Ngọc: Although I always thought of the way to process rice of my hometown ( I am from Thai Binh) from secondary school, the idea and the competition came to me accidentally. However, I myself know that it is not easy to bring the idea into reality right now. I have to gain more knowledge and experience in order to propose solutions for the idea. When it became more unique, I will put all my mind on doing it.


Let’s hope that day is not so far. The prize is considerable, do you have any plan to use it?

Ngọc: We have not decided yet (laugh)


After the competition with many difficulties and also happiness, what is the greatest thing you receive?

Ngọc: The most wonderful thing is the lesson my teammates gave me – the strength of the unity. Being in one team means totally trusting each other, and trusting in what we have done! Another is the support from members of BA+ club. This victory is the victory of all ACEs. I’m so proud of them.




Last question, and also a small request for you, could you share little experience in participating in a business contest?

Ngọc: Well, I have joined some competitions but honestly, this is the first one about business ideas. To call it experience is just too much, I don’t think I have. I mean: Business ideas come from your passion. Therefore, I hope you guys always nurture your passion and pursuit it, just like our teachers often teach us.


Thank you so much for your talking. We wish you always be healthy and wholehearted with your study, your work, your club and your ideas.
 Reporter: Ngọc Anh- Ba Plus Club
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