On a sunny winter afternoon, December 11th, Trung kinh stadium was hot as ever before with cheers and shouts of fans for the enthusiasm of both teams: QH-2010-E and QH-2011-E from BA faculty.


As for QH-2010-E team, this was their second match from the start and being encouraged by the win over QH-2009-E BA team on December 8th, they presented an extreme concentration and also the determination for another win.  As for QH-2011-E – the team of freshmen, this was the first time they played as a member of BA faculty. In the sunshine – color uniforms, QH-2011-E team really with strong passes. Tons of opportunities were made at both teams’ goal lines.



A score from QH-2010-E team



QH-2010-E team proved their strength


    However, with superior techniques and an artistic playing styles, goals were made by QH-2010 team. The final result was a win by the score 4-0 for the team, with goals from Nguyen Trung Ha and Pham Van Tam. This was not a surprise but spectators had an exciting, satisfactory and fair play.




 QH-2011 team shows its skills and spirits


With two wins so far, QH-2010-E team achieved the first place of the group and went straight to the final of Football championship of UEB, taking place in February 2012.  In a less important match on December 13, QH-2011 team will meet QH-2009. This is expected to be interesting between the power of youth and the power of experience.

Author: Phương Anh, BA+ Club 
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