Dear our students, the gold industry is currently a very hot topic in Vietnam. It is obvious that gold is used worldwide as a convenient medium of exchange and so, becomes an investment. Possessing a “gold bar” is no longer a difficulty, however, how to double, triple or even more this gold bar is still a complicated question.

That’s the reason why Business Administration Plus Club (BA Plus) of Business Administration faculty, collaborating with Entertainment and Financial service portal iGold188 - Vietnam Data-communication Center 1(VDC 1) – VNPT, is organizing the meeting “STUDENTS AND INVESTMENT” with the purpose of helping you students acquire basic knowledge of financial market and gold market. Participating in our meeting, you will have a great opportunity to exchange with other students, speakers and guests about the fluctuation and the attraction of the gold market; as well as to access knowledge and experience in investing. There are also 3 couple movie tickets at National movie center or Platinum Cineplex for 3 lucky students. The most important is that you will have a chance to discover and register the game show “Conquer the gold wave”, organized by Entertainment and Financial service portal iGold188 to experience investment activities and win 3 individual and 1 group prizes, in total 10.157.000 VND.



Don’t hesitate to join us, not only to share knowledge but to catch the key of success.

Time: 17h30 – 20h Friday, 24/2/2012

Place: Meeting hall 801 – E4 UEB, VNU

* Organizational CommitteeBA PLUS Club – UEB, VNU

*Sponsor: Entertainment and Financial service portal iGold188 - Vietnam Data-communication Center 1(VDC 1) – VNPT



We are grateful for your participation!!!


* Some information of www.iGold188.vn:

www.iGold188.vn - Entertainment and Financial service portal for services of entertainment, finance, and interactive educational model is a product of Vietnam Data-communication Center 1(VDC 1) – VNPT. To equip investors with useful knowledge and experience of financial market, also to provide the preparation for students right when at school, iGold188 promises to provide an effective study method basing on experiment – a top education model in Vietnam.
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