Luong Van Can talent award is a prestige award, organized every year by Saigon Entrepreneur newspaper and Saigon Entrepreneur club. Inheriting the idea of “growing rich” of Luong Van Can – “the teacher of Vietnamese entrepreneurs”, the award is a chance for students to share, exchange experience with successful businessmen; as well as show off their talent in doing business and receive sponsorship for their star-up plans.

This year, Luong Van Can talent award was widely promoted to students of many universities over the country. The organization committee received hundreds of business ideas, each of which reveals the passion, the view and the creativity of an individual.  

Nguyen Thi Hai Linh, from class QH-2009-E of Business Administration faculty, University odd Economics and Business – VNU, was excellent to win Luong Van Can award for the North with her idea of “sake fast-food”. Two other plans also awarded were the plan “cin cans and bottles” of Ngo Van Thang and the plan “Self-studying, self-working” of Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh, both from Foreign Trade university of Hanoi.


Talking about the project “Sake fast-food”, Nguyen Thi Hai Linh shared that she embodied the idea of producing products from Sake for many years. She determined to pursuit it though it was ambitious because of the scale and difficulties in financial and technological conditions. Not only for the purpose of earning profit, the idea of “Sake fast-food” considered also the corporate social responsibility, which was shown by the number of jobs created for inhabitants, enhancement in people’s life. Sake was easy to plant and useful in both agriculture and forestry, therefore, the success of the project would not only bring benefits to the owner but also contribute to the development of the country.


Mr. Le Truong Tung – a member of the jury thought that the project would face with 3 considerable problems: the way to process sake into edible products, the setting up of restaurants and the franchising. To solve even only one of those three was very hard. He also recommended Hai Linh that it was not really necessary to downsize the scale in order to find solutions.


Ms. Huynh Thi Thu Ha commented that the financial analysis presented some basic mistakes and was not clear enough. Mr. Ngo Vi Dong concluded that the project was significant and creative, had the application of technology in management. Linh should consider to apply international management standards; accept challenges, competitions and start with the smallest things on the way to start-up.


However, Nguyen Thi Hai Linh proved the dare to think and to do business, also the creativity of UEB students. Congratulate to Hai Linh and we hope that you can make your dream come true in the not so far future.


All students from class QH-2009-E BA are proud of you and want to send you this message “Be brave on the way to your dream. BE SUCCESSFUL!”

From K54 BA with love! ♥

Nguyễn Ngọc – ISP students, K54 BA
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