November 13th, 2011, at Culture Center for students, Tuoi Tre newspaper, Union of Youth of Hanoi and …. Organized the Sunflower day with the subject “Finishing the dream of Thuy” - . UEB Volunteer Club participated in the day’s activities.

Many wonderful activities were held in the day: giving scholarship to 36 cancer children in the North, creating 1000 sunflowers with the message of love, selling sunflowers for fund, sponsors visiting and giving presents to nearly 100 cancer children in National Hospital of Pediatrics, Pediatrics department of Vietnam National Cancer Hospital… A talk show between participants and patients and their family was also organized. The children had a chance to share their difficulties in the fight against the cancer and their wishes. Joining the Sunflower day, each individual could buy or make sunflowers to raise fund for cancer children. On each flower were written wishes and prayers for their happiness. Besides the field with over 1000 sunflowers, the day also had an exhibition with photos and stories about dreams and wills of cancer children all over the country. Especially, many pictures carrying their dreams were drawn right in bed and displayed in the exhibition. Some became last



Many ISP volunteers participated in the day


This was the second time Volunteer Club of UEB – VNU taking part in the Sunflower day. Bringing into play the success of the last year, the club received enthusiastic participation from students. They prepared very carefully for the day long time before.   Early morning of November 13th, like many other participants, they started making sunflowers with all their heart.



 Students concentrated on making flowers


After a few hours fully focusing on working, a huge number of flowers were created and contributed 37 million VND to the fund.



The break time was very exciting when students sat together and sang meaningful songs for cancer patients


The afternoon was more exciting when all participants shouted out their determination of making 10,000 flowers for the children. Each person worked harder than in the morning, and ay 16pm, the number of flowers exceeded 10,000. Part of this number was 2000 flowers made by the organization committee. The entire sum of money would be used to support the daily life of cancer children (one-time support for difficult, renting car to take children home, presents…).  The fund was raised and used effectively and clearly. It was known that the Sunflower day was the idea of Le Thanh Thuy - a younger who always tried to ignore her pain of cancer to take care of cancer children.  Thuy passed away before the age of 20 but her dream is taken over and carried on by many individuals and organizations, who work continuously for cancer children in Vietnam.


 Source: Volunteer Club of UEB-VNU

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