As time passed by, spring blossoms started to appear here and there. A new year is coming, together with the traditional Tet holiday of Vietnam. In the middle of the busy life, the holiday is chance for families and friends to reunite and share all peaceful moments of life.


Everyone has their own thoughts and feelings about recent Tet holiday. Personally, I will never forget the holiday of the first year being an adult. The passing year was truly unforgettable after passing the thorny entrance exam to become a student of my dream university – University of Economics and Business, VNU. The first semester ended, I had a chance to look back and discover the difference of myself, which I felt very lucky to have.  


The most evident difference for a freshman is the liberty. This moment last year, I had to forget all the exciting moments of Tet to focus on homework, advances exercises, trial tests… to succeed in the national entrance exam. It is now much different. I do not have to worry about exercises when hanging around with friends. I am free to make plan of visiting old friends and beloved teachers, recalling together memories of high school days.




However, it is the freedom that makes me grow up. I am more mature and so, feel the atmosphere of Tet holiday in a more mature way. I have to get used to a totally new environment, make friends with students coming from different provinces. Seeing them busy going back home in Tet, I feel so lucky to be able to live with my family all the time. Since the holiday lasted long and with no homework anymore, I had more time to help my family for the preparation. When I was small, I did not have any opportunity to make Chung cake on my own. Now, it was I who cleaned the rice and beans, washed the leaves and made Chung cakes. Busy but exciting at the same time. How enthusiastic when getting the appealing smell of the cakes, seeing their green look and setting them on the ancestors’ altar.  Taking advantage of Tet holiday when Hanoi was so free from crowds, I and my best friends hung around Sword lake and Ho Chi Minh mausoleum to catch the real atmosphere of Hanoi, which appeared once a year. That brought me the full feeling of Tet. 




Spring is the season of the youth. One year older, after the milestone of getting into the university, plenty of plans and dreams and ways to succeed wait for me. Recognizing that I am walking on a new road with new partners, I feel more responsible with myself and then, with the society. University is just a beginning for whatever waiting for me outside and this is me who draws and adds colors to the picture of my life. A new year with a new start, I wish all the best for you guys!

Thảo Ly (BA Plus)

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