ACEs - Human Resource Management Talents is official competitions organized by BA PLUS Club, UEB, VNU. ACEs originally takes its meaning with four levels: (i) A card in the 52 West cards; (ii) Direct blow in some sports, like Tennis; (iii) The outstanding fighter pilot and (iv) A culture of BA PLUS club.


1.   Card Ace

If you play all 52 West leaves, everyone must remember the order of the cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, along with four substances: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs. Have you ever wondered why there is no article in the 1 (No.1) and A standing last?
Ace, in  English means trumps (A). It is a special card among 52 cards, symbolizing optimal strength, higher ranks in comparison with King, Queen... Ace holds the attributes of each all kinds of cards, led the remaining 12.


By that meaning, ACE is used to indicate the best ones, often used in the phrase "The Ace of all Aces: the best of the best".
The decisive one in card game.

2.   Direct Point in Sports

 In Golf: Ace is another way of calling " Hole in one", when the blow makes the ball move right into the little hole with only 1. One hole - in-one is the pride and creates the most memorable imprint in the life of every golf player, whether caused by skills or luck, hole - in-one is still an interesting and controversial mystery. An Ace usually decides the results of the match or brings about a large amount of bonus to  the golf player. People still believe that the probability of a hole - in-one record high belongs to the group of experienced, professional golfers. According to Merriam - Webster 's dictionary, Ace means " skillful person " or " outstanding individual I one field"


Tennis, badminton and handball, Ace is a legal serve that is not touched by the receiver, winning the point.. These called Ace are usually fast, strong and has a high risk that the opponent cannot hit the ball. A game can have some aces, this is sometimes determining the outcome of the game. Roger Federer is very famous for his ability to get Aces.


 3. Excellent military pilots.

During history, Ace is a term which is unofficially awarded to the pilots and officers of weapon control system that succeeded in beating five enemy aircraft  at least. This title has become popular among military pilots in World War I, when French newspapers honored Pegoud Adolphe, who had shot down so many German aircraft in air freight.


The pilot was so -called " fighter ace " or " Flying ACE ". A few people are actually trumps, contributed largely to the victory of battle recorded in history.


4 . A culture of BA +

 If you come to joint the BA Plus  Club, you'll often hear this word:" ACEs ", it has become a culture of BA +. Standing for the first three letters in the phrase " Brothers and Sisters ", ACEs have become an official name when the club members communicate with each other, express closeness and solidarity as a family. Moreover, the origin is a club that specializes in the field of business administration, BA Plus encourages confidencedifference, leadership and pioneering. Unlike many professional clubs, Plus BA emphasizes in human development, personal training, future leaders. Each time mentioned, ACEs remind members to assert themselves "I am the best person, I am a leader."


Keep in mind, ACEs are strength and self-confidence of every person


Thank you for reading.

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