ACEs  – Human resource management talents is the competition held by Business Administration Club BA PLUS, UEB.

The competition originates from the hot economic topic of Human Resources. The BA PLUS club has realized that HR is of great importance, but not yet included in any competition among UEB, VNU. That is the reason of this competition.

 “Nhan” in Han Viet means human, “Su” means job, career. “Nhan su” including all jobs and works that require human presence. This topic contains all the tasks from seeking the suitable people for different positions, training, increasing their capabilities and managing all these in an organization.


Matsushita Konosuke – the father of Japanese business model – claimed that “the most valuable resource of companies is human”. This viewpoint emphasizes the core significance of human resources in an organization. A start-up business needs human resource. HR is necessary to run the business smoothly. HR is also indispensable for the sustainable development and objective achievement. Accordingly, HR is always a familiar but very hot issue and is never considered as unimportant.


Understanding the importance and the core value of HR, BA PLUS Club has decided to organize a competition about HR namely ACEs- Human resource management talents 2014. This competition offers the participants interesting and useful experience during the period from entering the company to leading the corporation and making crucial decisions.


The different characteristic of this contest is that it not only discusses about how to use human effectively, but also put the contestants into the positions to help them understand the responsibilities of these. The aim of the club when  organizing this competition is not only seeking the excellent individuals, but also providing chances for effective team building.


Participating in ACEs – Human resource management talents 2014, the contestants will obtain important HR skills such as: recruiting, interviewing, evaluating, working in a team, presenting, discussing, arguing and making decisions. Only 2 weeks of participation will provide the contestants with lots of experiences in HR field.


To be continued…


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