Established on 29/09/2011 . Business Administration Club ( BA PLUS ) is the first and unique club  in the Faculty of Business Administration , supported by the Youth Union and Student Association of UEB,VNU.

Like other clubs such as Enactus, YEC, MCC, etc., Business Administration Club, BA PLUS is not only reserved for the students from Faculty of Business Administration, it also provides an open opportunity to all students in the university. The club aims to give students the knowledge of Economics, Business, and create an environment for students to learn and practice self-discipline which later will contribute to the sustainable development of the university.

Pictures of some members of in Business Administration Club BA PLUS.

On 09/29/2013, BA PLUS club officially turned 3. Club’s three years of dedication and self- construction itself is probably enough to confirm its place in comparison with other clubs in the university.

Step into a new term from 2013 to 2014.There were some changes in the structure of the Executive Board to ensure that the club can operate well. Up to the present, May 12/2013:


- President: Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, K56 Business Administration (BA)

- Manager: Ngo Nhat Ha. K56 Honored Finance and Banking

And 3 divisions.

- Vice President in charge of Expertise: Hoang Thi Yen. K57 Honored International Economics and Business.

- Vice President in charge of the Human resource and Finance:  Nguyen Phuong Hoa, K57 BA.

- Vice President in charge of External Affairs: Ngoc Lan, K57 Development Economics


With a team like the current Executive Board, BA PLUS club is likely to bring a breath of fresh air in the club's activities with new methods and events in 2014. I wish you happy and successful new year 2014.


Thank you for reading.


Papaya .
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