In order to encourage the for scholarship recipients  striving in  study, scientific research, and attracting talented into other training programs which contribute to improving the quality of education, International standard program try to support and orient the students to get both domestic and foreign scholarship.

I.   Domestic scholarship


1.   Annual scholarships


- Acer Vietnam Scholarships

- Vietnam Oil and Gas Scholarship

- Hanoi Telecom - Vietnam Mobile Scholarships

- Minh Duc Scholarships

- K-T Scholarships


2.   Other scholarships


- Dan tri newspaper - Ms. Nguyen Thi Thoa Scholarships

- South Australia Private Enterprise Scholarships

- Viet Nam Fund for supporting Technological Creations Scholarship (VIFOTEC)

- Vu A Dinh Scholarship

- Enterprise and Integration Journal Scholarship

- Relay to school Scholarship

- Support Organization Scholarships University Vietnam


II.   Foreign scholarship


- POSCO Scholarships (South Korea)

- Toshiba  Scholarships (Japan)

- Sasakawa Young Talent Scholarship (SYLFF)

- Shinnyo - En  Scholarships (Japan)

- Pony Chung Scholarship (South Korea)

- Scholarships from the Kumho Asiana-Vietnam Scholarship and Cultural Foundation

- The scholarship from the SMBC Global Scholarship Foundation Program

- Scholarship from Fund of  Finance Unification Bank Japan - Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi

- Lotte Scholarship (South Korea)

- Scholarship Fund of Supporting Lawrence Community S.Tinh

- Yamada Scholarships (Japan)


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