I. Dormitory

There are 2 facilities of dormitory of VNU:


1.  University of Language and International Studies (ULIS) Dorm

Address: 1 – Pham Van Dong street – Cau Giay district, Hanoi

(It is located in the campus of University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS), VNU)

   The dormitory includes 3 blocks of buildings with 236 rooms. There are around 2100 students in the dormitory, including students from several universities: ULIS, UET, UEB …


2.  Me Tri Dorm

Address: 182 Luong The Vinh street – Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi

    Me Tri Dorm has one 5 floors building and two 4-floors buildings with 200 rooms for student.



-   All the rooms in the dorm were both renovated and upgraded to closed rooms, utility ensures 24/24. 80% of rooms have the water heater installed.

-   100% of rooms are equipped with phones and Internet services - Intranet.

-   Both was invested dorm rooms which is qualified for foreigners

-   The canteen serve in buffet way, hygienically. The food has reasonable price, to meet the needs of all students in VNU. There is the lounge area, mini supermarket for students

-   There are libraries and self-study rooms

-   Student supporting activities are concerned and deployed in many field: soft skills training, job certificates, recreational activities…

-   Social security and sanitation in the dorm are always guaranteed good.



II. Medical Services

Founded with the functions to ensure good health for teachers and students, Medical Center at the dormitory of University of Language and International Study and the hospital of Vietnam National University was established for primary services:


-   Make examination, emergency, diagnostic and inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment for patients , including foreign people

-   Organize and implement high-tech services, new techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of patients according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health

-   Apply information technology and modern communication to implement the types of management services and home or remote health care  as required

-   Make a medical examination and health certificates for people in accordance with Regulations of the government.


For more details, please refer to site of Hospital of Vietnam National University here.



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