Business Administration Faculty - International Standard Program with the purpose of training business administration bachelors at international level to be capable of operate, business, analysis and evaluation of business administration processes at the domestic and foreign enterprises (joint venture companies with 100% foreign investment, multinational companies, corporations ...), and other organizations; graduated students will be able to continue to study and participate in higher academic education, accumulate experience to become entrepreneurs, leaders and senior professionals in the field of Business Administration.


1.  The prestigious partners
Partner of Business Administration Faculty – International Standard Program is Haas School of Business (HSB). HSB is one of 14 schools at the University of California-Berkeley (UC Berkeley) Berkeley city located in the south of the country, where is one of the largest concentration of university of the University of California system. UC Berkeley trains 130 different fields of study. Training Program in Business Administration undergraduate branch of the UC-Berkeley HSB is ranked as one of the most prestigious training program university of the world.


2.  Eminent Lecturers
Currently University of Economics and Business – VNU has 89 lecturers with a master's degree or higher, including 14 associate professors, 47 PhD and 28 masters teaching subjects according to the block industries, groups sectors and sectors. Among, Business Administration Faculty has 23 faculty members. Lecturers have high level of expertises and practical experiences, most have doctorate degrees or higher, graduating from the countries with advanced education and modern teaching methods.
In addition, the Executive Board program, including program’s director, coordinators and other members are all capable of fluently using English at work. This is one of the advantages of resources to ensure the well-organized processes of Business Administration - International standard program.


3.  Opportunities of learning in an international environment
One of the advantages of ISP students is that they have many opportunities to experience learning environment in a foreign country, particularly the student exchange program with the University school in blocks AUN (ASEAN University Network) for example, the National University of Singapore, University of Oita University of Tokyo - Japan, Chualalongkorn University – Thailand; Recently opened to other regions such as Bilateral Exchange Program with University of Uppsala – Sweden in a semester or more. In contrast, international students from partner universities also have chance to experience at the ISP.


4.  Field trips and Internships
In addition to studying time in class, ISP students have varied field trips to businesses in diverse, interdisciplinary industries, size and organizational structure. Those trips will provide students more realistic perspective of the knowledge learned in the classroom. Each year ISP students select companies or corporations to have the summer or full-time internship. Connecting between students and companies creates conditions for students to access resources both inside and outside the university.


5.   Facilities & Learning Environment
ISP uses 04 classrooms equipped with modern facilities and is equivalent to the international standard classrooms dedicated exclusively to ISP students for learning and discussions.
Moreover, the sources of abundant references, Information Center - Library consists of approximately 200 thousand book titles with nearly 1 million books, 3,000 journal titles with about 450 thousand magazines, collections of electronic documents database includes 6 databases of foreign scientific journals ..


6.  ISP student community
With the ISP student community in Hanoi, Vietnam National University, the students of Business Administration faculty have the opportunity to interact and learn with students from other universities and colleges in VNU from University of Language and International Study??, University of technology, University of Science - Social and Humanities, etc.
Furthermore, the participation of other international students from worldwide has created a diversified and ebullient ISP community.



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