1.1   Introduction to University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University, Hanoi.


The University of Economics and Business (UEB), a member of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), was established in accordance with Decision No. 290/QD-TTg by the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 6th March 2007. Started out in 1974, the former Political Economics Department, University of Hanoi has experienced several transformations.

Important historical milestones:
  • November 1974: Political Economics Department - University of Hanoi. University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi.
  • September 1995: Department of Economics - University of Social Science and Humanities - Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  • July 1999: Department of Economics - Vietnam National University, Hanoi 
  • March 2007:  University of Economics &  Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi. 

During its development process, the VNU-UEB has made constant efforts to improve the quality of the training, researches and other services, to become a research university. The University of Economics and Business has been known as a young and dynamic university with a strategic vision and a strong determination towards international standards in education and research. The University’s position and prestige have been strengthened recently.


1.2   Introduction to Business Administration Faculty


The Faculty of Business Administration, VNU University of Economics and Business was established in accordance with the Decision 421/DHKT/CV-TCCB by the UEB Rector on May 22ND, 2007.


The Faculty of Business Administration originated from the Business Administration Department, Faculty of Economics - VNU. There have been graduates of the Faculty at bachelor, master’s and doctorate levels in Economics and Business Administration, among whom many alumni are holding important positions in the Communist Party, the Government and enterprises. Building on this foundation, the school will continue training and developing experts in business administration field.


The core values “Passion – Quality – Prestige” are in the process of development and operation, major missions of Faculty of Business Administration

* Providing highly qualified human resources for training business managers in line with the demands of international economic integration and the development of the country.
* Transferring the outcomes of research, new theories and thoughts on management to enterprises in order to promote the development of enterprises as well as enhance the development of the socio-economy of the country.
* Offering high quality consulting services in business administration for enterprises.

1.3   Strategic Mission Program – University of Economics and Business – VNU, Hanoi 


Significance of International Standard Business Administration Program


In other countries in the world, industry, Business Administration Training is one of the spearheads of most developed countries. Each year, there are thousands of companies was established in the USA, in parallel with its thousands of companies went bankrupt. Therefore, the demand for talented entrepreneur to lead companies and compete in fiercely competitive context has led the demand for training manpower in Business administration field to be vital for business. In Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China in particular, the Government of these countries has a policy to focus on training human resources in Business Administration beside of  the development of science and technology.


Currently, most countries have developed training programs in Business Administration major qualifications are recognized worldwide, attracting a indirectly large number of domestic students studying Business Administration and to mitigate the brain drain. China has been increasing its position in high -quality training for both Tsinghua University and Beijing University in the top 500 leading universities, including Business Administration major. As can be seen, countries in the world have seen the urgent needs for training high-quality entrepreneurs so we have gone ahead in building training programs, approach to the prestigious university in the world.


In Vietnam, although there are many training institutions such as Bachelor of Business Administration School of Economics and Business - VNU, National Economics University, University of Commerce, Financial Academy, etc. .. But overall the quality of training in in water is limited, not only by the learning environment, but also due to weaknesses in training programs as well as in PPGD and KTDG method. Specifically, the backward curriculum, lack of practice, learning methods of students are passive, self- study, self- practice is weak. PPGD still theoretical, the capacity of teachers is uneven, especially foreign language skills. In addition, because the whole school by Vietnamese, Vietnamese students with limited foreign language, especially English, to learn the information, communication and integration with the international environment.


Parallel to the training program, Bachelor of Business Administration in the country, many universities in Vietnam also have links with foreign universities for undergraduate & MBA Programs. The affiliate program partly helped students enhance their language skills, access to programs and methods in the modern world. However, these programs often require a high level of tuition from $ 1,500 to 6.000USD / years, the diversity of objects is very limited enrollment. Just for that reason that this program often focuses on the student financial conditions that have not focused on the quality of the enrollment. So many students over time was not attending to the program.


Situation of Training Bachelor of Business Administration in our country showed less synchronization between systems and universities across the country. Training Status fragmented, small and high demands on the financial capability of students at the University Bachelor of Business Administration now show the correct level of investment is not the case in particular and the State in general.

Against this backdrop, the UEB - VNU construction project "Construction and development of international qualifications in Business Administration".
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