1 . Functions


The organizational structure of the Executive Board of Strategic Mission is built based on the 3 major functional groups below:

- The function of advising and assisting the Head of Management Unit , general operations of the Executive Board strategic tasks

- The function of implementing the objectives and tasks of the program in the task of training strategies , management faculty and students .

- Function of monitoring and advisory support activities related to the functions of the unit in the University.


2 . Duties


- Links to partners , individuals and groups related to the signing of cooperation agreements and contracts as required .

- Develop organizational plan enrollment to ensure compliance with statutes, regulations and choose the best learners

- Coordinate and direct the departments to coordinate with the Director of the component project to implement the plan .

- Orientation of sustainable development for the industry, specialized agreements with partner universities on a number of issues related

- Management, rational use and effective funding allocated

- Collaborate better with the concerned agencies, organizations, establishments and enterprises.


In particular, a number of tasks, the main function of each member of the Executive Committee :


- Chief Executive:

+ Responsible for overall guidance on all matters related to strategic Mission

+ Control operations mission or strategic plan which was approved


- Deputy chief executive:

+ To advise and assist the steering committee chief executive activities related

+ Direct steering, operating, inspection solving tasks assigned


 - Director of the project components: direct management and administration through project components and coordination mechanisms responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the project quality components ISP before the Executive Board .


- Member

+ Advise and assist the head of the relevant activities

+ Support and work with other functional units for deployment tasks and related work .


- Consultant ( if any) :

+ Research and management training programs shall be chief operating strategy invitation. ( specific tasks are presented in the new contract consultants)
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