At the beginning of this week – October 27th 2014, a seminar on “Social Enterprise – Issues and Selective Policies” took place with the participation of Ms.Nguyễn Minh Thảo, speaker from Department of Environmental Business & Competitive Ability – Ministry of Planning & Investment and students of QH2013, QH2011 Business Adminstration ISP, UEB, VNU.

The seminar provided students with basic knowledge about Social Enterprises along with its responsibilities, opportunities and challenges in the temporary scenario.

This concept that has already been known across the globe for a long time; however, it is still unfamiliar in Vietnam. Based on applying business model of principles and market momentum to tackle social problems, Social Enterprises set priority to social goal – reaching economic goals is the way to achieve social goal at a larger scale sustainably. It is firmly believed that this alternative model is appropriate for the changing trend nowadays.


In this seminar, students step by step approached to the concept of Social Enterprise by its characteristics, basic distinctions and advantages compared to normal ones, along with its long-run benefits to the society. Moreover, students were also aware of the importance of adopting official law and legal documents, as well as specific policies in order to support social enterprises in the long-run.

Besides, through some realistic evidence, several successful models such as Nghi Luc Song Center, JSC To he, Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts, students of International standard program    were given a closer look of method, actual operation and first successful step of Social enterprise recently.


At the seminar, Ms. Nguyen Minh Thao also answered all questions about encouraging constructing Social Enterprise; for instance, tax policies, low interest-rate funding supporting, or about draw-backs which have been existed while founding Social Enterprise in Vietnam.

More particularly, under professional’s view,  through scientific research topic suggestions or participating in annually competition about building Social Enterprise’s ideas , Ms. Nguyen Minh Thao has oriented Social Enterprise approaching for students when they are still under- graduated.


We hope to have more chances to participate in many useful seminars like this in the future. Perhaps 3 hours cannot bring about the most virtually profound about this new concept in Vietnam; however, it surely set the very first step for FBA students to not only broaden knowledge about Social Enterprise but also acquire valuable lessons.

Phuong Linh - QH2013E - QTKD 
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