November 26th, 2011

        To help student from university of economic and business – VNU got an overview of scientific research also the approached the quantitative method. In November 25th, BA plus club, FBA and CBAS organized “quantitative research methods in the study of science students” workshop at  801 E4 room.


       It is honored to present the seminar speakers of the expertise in the field of quantitative research and the science of FBM guests:

  • * Dr.Thang Nguyen Ngoc – lecturer from FBA, council secretary and scientific training of FBA – UEB- VNU.
  • * Dr. Minh Nguyen Dang - lecturer from FBA, Deputy Director of CBAS
  • * Dr.Lien Pham Thi - Director of International standard program.

        And more than 60 favorite science research students from different faculties under University of economic and business, VNU.


         To open the workshop, Dr. Lien Pham Thi shared those words full of enthusiasm and her close about students researches. For students, in addition to learning, research  as well as a very rewarding, exciting and meaningful activity. This is the auxiliary field for students, help students apply the theory taught in solving social and economic problems which are currently taking.


Dr. Thang Nguyen Ngoc shared “research likes the discovery of the submerged part of an iceberg”


         To be continued the workshop, Dr. Thang Nguyen Ngoc, who has over 10 years experiences in scientific research in many countries around the world such as USA, Belgium. In just a short time, he gave the students an overview of the need for scientific research; the process of implementing a study; approach to the subject; steps to gather information, data, ... to present the results of scientific research and logic. Indispensable and important step approach is the subject of scientific research in quantitative methods.


The students concentrated and excited with research.


      Participating in the workshop, the students not only to hear specific instructions expertise but also to hear the real stories, the sharing of valuable and practical path from scientific research the main lecturers, speakers present at the seminar.


Dr. Minh Nguyen Dang shared experiences when he had researched in Japan.


       Base on these experiences culminated in more than 10 years of work and research projects at Toyota Motor Corp., Japan, Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh give useful advice to the students. First of all need to come from the real issues are set out at the present time, then have to determine the right direction, applying these tests, analyzes, calculations specific, detailed information, examined data ... scientific research process there is a constant process of research, with real depth and rubbing constantly learning, accumulation of knowledge from others.


       The two speakers also agreed to take a position on promoting human knowledge in modern society. Knowledge is very important because it has "great value, rare, inimitable, irreplaceable." Also, research ethical issues are also important issue to be considered and required adhered to by the researcher.


Card Making Method, a method commonly used in scientific research.


      Closing the workshop was sharing intimacy between the speaker and the rest of the students. Ly Dinh Thi Huong  (K55 BA) has said: "The seminar today was really helpful for me. It helps me visualize more clearly about scientific research and not vague as before. Recently, my research has also registered a scientific thesis on human resource management. And I thought, maybe I will use quantitative methods in their research.


        In a short period of time and limits, the speaker cannot fully convey the deepest and information as well as in-depth knowledge of quantitative methods in research projects to students. Thus, the speaker, Dr.Thang Nguyen Ngoc and Dr. Minh Nguyen Dang , see you passionate about students in general scientific research in a lecture nearest; and in that, we will understand more clearly the knowledge of quantitative research.


        In the end of the workshop, Dr.Thang Nguyen Ngoc shared enthusiasm words: "The hope can be replicated on scientific research knowledge, planted the seed for scientific research as much passionate students, and doctors gave the example that one glass of water when divided share we would be less, however if we share knowledge, not only we, but everyone will receive the same knowledge, from which knowledge can be spread wider, far more, help more people and more social. "

                                                                                           Source: Chi Nguyen Linh, BA Plus Club

Photos: Phuong Anh


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