Every student has their own reasons to choose a major in a university as an environment to nurture dreams.. The reasons could be strong but sometimes very simple – coming from grade twelve immature students. Learning is a process therefore a reason to start is not enough, it is the progress that decides the success of each of us. Let's listen to the sharing of Nguyen Thanh Tu – ISP students, K54 BA.
The reasons why he chose Faculty of Business Administration, UEB, VNU.
      “For me, studying at UEB - VNU was really a coincidence and choosing the Faculty of Business Administration was another coincidence. I decided to study at UEB, VNU without a clear direction in advance. The reason was very stupid as I make my choice because none of my high school classmate chose this university. Then, the process of choosing my major was conducted immediately after I finished reading short descriptions of International standard program of Business Administration, which is sponsored 125USD by the government in an enrollment guideline book. It sounded interesting to me, and then I filled my application form without having a clear picture of my future career. However, this childish decision became one of the major turning points in my life and has never upset me. 
      The process of studying:
      “My student life is a memorable time with various kinds of feelings. Each year passed by is one more unforgettable period. The first year was the hardest time with lots of new things and most of the time was spent learning English toward the goal of 6.0 IELTS. 
The second year, we was overwhelmed by very thick textbooks, each class we had to deal with 40 – 50 pages, all were in English. However, the more I studied the more easy and interesting the subjects were. The helpful textbooks together with visual teaching methods had assisted us in obtaining knowledge, making studying much easier. Besides knowledge, we also leaned lots of necessary skills such as presentation and debate skills. I still remembered clearly all the debate class. We had prepared carefully before class and argued confidently as we planned for everything. There were presentations every week, which made us much more skillful and professional in comparison with the beginning.
      Up to third and fourth year, I had accumulated a considerable amount of knowledge about my major subjects. What I loved the most is carrying case studies, I learned a lot from them, especially the link between theory and reality. Teachers also told fascinating stories about these case studies”.
       My student life included not only hard working days in lecture halls with friends and teachers but also activities in student clubs, volunteer programs, projects or competitions: 
• Former member of SIFE UEB (now has the name of ENACTUS)
• Be in charge of For Tomorrow project in the For tomorrow handicap Center, Co Nhue, Tu Liem district, Hanoi city.
• Former member of BA PLUS club, Faculty of Business Administration, UEB, VNU.
• Former president of SET English club – ULIS dorm. 
• Member of LALA volunteering group.
• Third prize in the Conference on Student’s scientific research, UEB, VNU 2011-2012
• Third prize in the Conference on Student’s scientific research, Faculty of Business Administration. UEB, VNU 2011-2012

     He also shared that: 
    “Studying at the Faculty of Business Administration, UEB, VNU is really great. Exchange programs offered us the opportunity to enhance knowledge, learn about the culture of developed countries. Extracurricular activities and other programs were the chances for connection between generations of the Faculty. Moreover, days of doing volunteer works and conducting student projects were unforgettable memory. The feelings were hard to be described in words”.
       Although he made decision unintentionally, he has made it the right choice through the progress of studying, training and improving continuously to gain useful life experience for future career. Currently he is now working as a salesman for Viettel Group. 

       Below is the sharing and wishes that Tu want to send to the next generation:  
“I hope that all of you would have wonderful experience during student life. All the knowledge and experience you gain would be reflected in reality invisibly and you would probably find it really interesting. None of the knowledge and experience is of no use. Finally, we are always proud of being Business Administration student”.
Nguyen Thanh Tu
ISP student, K54 BA
Email: thanhtu.nguyen249@gmail.com
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