I have heard that : the university not only give us the certificates but also the time to express ourselves, dreams and make them come true”. The university time is the most enthusiastic time in our life. That is the time for young people exploring the world and express ourselves. So that, one of the most important decision is that how to study, how to live. However, It is too difficult to keep us in the right direction.

  We see something which is confided by Do Dinh Nam, ISP student, K54 BA: 

1. Study harder and more creative

      Someone said that what you learned in the classes is not really helpful for our job in the future. The fact that, when we are in cooperate, we do not do the exercises or take the exam so that the knowledge not been evaluated by the transcript. To be honest, the knowledge, skill and thinking platform which were accurate when we are tinned the university is very important and necessary. Therefore, I am convinced that If you are a enthusiastic, creative and active student in the university, you will get higher performance than the other when you work in corporate.

 Indeed, when the economy experience crisis, It is to hart for a bachelor to get a good  job. However, Do Dinh Nam took a stable position in Samsung Viet Nam

2. Try to live an unforgettable life

     Individually, there are a lot of unforgettable memories of my student time. Because I study hard, enjoy the activity of the class, club and even be a candidate of some contest with my teammate. Sometimes. I though that I was quite covetous, I still try my best to do it in the best way to improve myself.


     Now I work for a foreign company with high pressure I am not overloaded. The cultivation in the university makes me more confident, enduring and creative performance. Therefore, you should be more active in the activities. In addition, I encourage you to learn more than one language.

     His student time associated with  so many exalted activities not only the club activities but also the contest. Do Dinh Nam is the founder and first president of BA Plus club, he also was a member of YEC club. Specifically, He wins the first prize in the “ Business idea explosive contest, The third prize of the Ecostorm, the contestants of the  Gold knoll in VTV3 channel. In addition, he still had the second and third prize study in University of economics and business. 

      In my point, the most importance “ heritage” is a good network and relationship with lecturer, and friend. Really, we help us in study, in life and take the contest together. After that, when we graduated we still be a close friend and lend each other, although we are not working together. I believe that we still stand by side in the future. I suppose that we cannot not success if we are alone.

      Finding the best friends is a task of student time, those of you that will help you a lot, on all sides. You yourself are not necessarily shared with you a career path for themselves, but find people with common vision offline! 
       I hope  that share its brief that may suggest something for the next generation. IN your point, UEB normally is an option for a lot of universities, but whether or not it is right is depend on you. In my opinion, I always proud of our university. Finally, I just want to say: “The young is unlimited”, Mr. Nam Shared

ISP student, K54- FBA

Work for Samsung VN

Email: Nam.dodinh@gmail.com

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