“We desire to create jobs for disabled people and help them have more courage, faith in life”, sincere share of Ms. Vi Thi Thuan, director of  Social Protection of disabled people center, Thuan Hoa - Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, has made ​​us admiring for the great gesture of female entrepreneurs at this remote area.

   Visiting Thuan Hoa social protection center for disable people at Ban Lac, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh on a hot summer afternoon, official union and students of Business Administration Faculty, the University of Economics and Business have welcomed by Mrs. Vi Thi Thuan, Director of the center. Her story about the difficult time putting disabled people from remote villages, to come, training and create employment for their stability and to the establishment of Thuan Hoa social protection center to develop and achieve success today seems to soothe the heat late in the day. She shared that these roamed days sales in the highland village, she has encountered many disabled people, most of them are very poor families and they can’t care for themselves, or help families make the home cultivation or constantly sick so then they become a burden to the family, living very low self-esteem. Her childhood was lived through those days so she understands hunger and sympathy for their circumstances. Then thank to the support of the family, she has welcomed disable people for their care teaching weaving, embroidery, sewing.



   Her noble gesture has gradually received support from the government and the people Lac village, since it was established in 2008 until now, Thuan Hoa center has received care and training for over 100 disabled people from everywhere in Mai Chau district. Now the average income of workers here about 1.5 - 2 million/month, there are over 10 disabled people that live at the center. After finishing learning at the center, many disabled people are not only live by his own life but also could help the family economy. It is worth mentioning here that the full cost of care for disabled people are funded from tourism community business of her family. The disabled people and their families do not have to contribute anything to the center. Each year profits from providing travel services to her family brought approximately $ 1 billion, but 70% of this amount is only for turnaround investment labor equipment, upgrading of care facilities for disabled people.


Now, not only disabled people, Thuan Hoa Centre also create more jobs to help poor families in the developing livestock and productions. She hopes to create more jobs to help more disabled people. Seeing them live healthy, happy confident makes her have more encourage to pursue his desire. Her story is a living proved, a valuable lesson for young entrepreneurs about their responsibility towards society and community.
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