On 12/11/2012, under the guidance of lecturers Dr. Do Tien Long, Dr. Dinh Viet Hoa and the coordinator of International Standard Program Ms. Pham Thu Hien, the whole class K55BA had an useful sightseeing trip at Lien Son company at Lien Son farm (Nghia Lo, Yen Bai).

   The opening is the introduction of Mr. Tu - Vice Director of the company about history and development of the Lien Son tea factory. After more than 40 years of development, with the transition of ownership from 100% state-owned stake in 1970 to completely corporation (2000), Lien Son tea has overcome many difficulties, standstill and confirmed the position as one of the enterprises of the leading tea producers in Yen Bai.


   Next, the first time we are directly involved with the process of tea production and storage here. The process is very rigorous from raw materials to production, packaging, sorting and how to bring products closer to the consumer.


   In particular, we heard the sharing of the leaders of the company about difficulties during the economic crisis as the capital and profits, beside that is the unhygienic tea - emerged as the craze a few years ago, has lost the confidence of tea consumers in Vietnam. Difficulties and challenges do not flinch Lien Son Tea Company, the leaders of company have taken positive measures such as policies to support staff, actively working with the government and the provinces authorized to receive the help and support of capital. Besides, in the coming years, businesses committed to adopt measures to enhance productivity, improve quality process step by step to bring to the consumer the best products, benefit to competitive market in particular and Vietnam export market in general.


    The question and answer part of our students is very exciting, we have more specific look about the company, the competitive solution, how to raise capital and market access.


   The most exciting of the trip, we visit the machinery and production processes of the factory directly, and walk to Lien Son tea hills. Holding a young tea leaves, we penetrated the efforts of workers struggled to take care of the best products for consumers.




   Goodbye Lien Son tea company to come back Hanoi, the feeling the tea hills still show up in our mind clearly. Maybe from now, when the memory of Vietnam tea come, we will have more appreciation to the employees that work hard to bring the tea leaves from pristine to the consumer, admire the bravery of the leaders in the arduous challenges of the market economy to remain strong vision for bringing Vietnam tea products closer to the world.


   Again, sincerely thank to Faculty of Business Administration has facilitated our trip. It is true like his father had taught: Take a hand, learn to wisdom, reality is always more difficult than a lot of theory books, field trips baggage will be useful for our knowledge, experience comprehensive look more to us about Vietnam products.

Author: Giang Pham, ISP Student, K55BA 
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