On December 10th 2012, K55 FBA Class with two lecturers Mr. Do Tien Long, Mr. Dinh Viet Hoa and Ms.Hien – the coordinator of ISP, FBA had a fieldtrip to Dai Dong Tien Ltd. Company in Dong Khe, Van Chan, Yen Bai.

   At the beginning of the fieldtrip, we listened to the introduction of main staffs about managing organizational structure, business and mine manufacturing process. In addition, they also talked about how to consume products of quarrying company that supports the construction of Yen Bai province.


The Q&A part occurred so excitedly. The staffs said that our questions were quite difficult and focus on some important problems of the company. Not to disappoint us, each answer was a real lesson. Our friends and I had a good view about some solutions of the company in the crisis, some business strategy and policies for employees.


Finally, we had a chance to visit outdoor quarry. It was the first time that we saw the quarry. There is much smoke and dust quarrying sound. I felt that in the economic crisis, this company still tried to manufacture and maintain the work for employees of Dong Khe, Van Chan.


One thing that I admired on hearing from the leaders was that the company did not have many members; the main staff comes from different sectors except economy; however, they always tried to use the maximum bravery and their advantages to satisfy the worker’s demand and produce the best quality products for customers. For example, the vice president used to graduate the faculty of Geological Engineer or some other staffs form police universities. Although they were not from faculty of business, they gathered and contributed 100% capital. I admitted that Dai Dong Tien managers had potential abilities of management; they always learn from local economy, domestic economy and international economy. Another story is that the company signed a contract with AIA Insurance to protect their employees. Although Dai Dong Tien was a small company, they had many solutions for labor protecting. All of employees were equipped labor protection clothes and announced to use daily. AIA Insurance was an effective solution in protecting the employees.


   Saying goodbye to Dai Dong Tien, we continued the fieldtrip. Each of us kept in mind different thinks and emotions. To make the company be sustainable, it’s not only about be good at specialized knowledge but also vision, bravery and flexibility. Being a student of Faculty of Business Administration, we were more aware of the value of money, the dynamic and flexibility we use to exist in economic crisis.


Author: Phuong Anh, ISP Students, K55BA

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