1.   How to choose a topic and how to title it well ?


   - First step, find your favorite topic involved, get registration with your faculty


   - After having instructions from your instructor, and basic research, your idea will be completed day by day


   - Based on the ideas research result at first sight, student decide to choose a title for their topic




- Sense of scientific research: complete the theory of scientific disciplines; construct a new theory or clarify might exist ...; the latest innovative developments in researching process...


- Sense of practical value: solving problems, difficulties and problems in production and business, management ...; building arguments for the development program of local socio-economic sectors...;


- Feasibility: the research are eligible for the completion of the subject, such as the basis of the information and materials; means of laboratory equipment, if needed; having instructor and other collaborators; have time ...;


- Topic is in range of favorite, hobbies, and major of the research doer.


 It is especially important to title the topic, as the topic’s title performs fully the topic, the target, the field of the research. The target of the research must answer the question what is your research, the field of the research presents the area, location, the time period, and the limitation of the problem. The topic’s title has to be concise, clear, meaningful, using fewer words but provide more information. Language used in the title has to be clear, easy to understand with only one meaning, limit the probability of reader to understand in many different ways. Should not title the research with unstable meaning terms such as:


  - Some opinions of…


  - Let’s have a discussion about the…


  - About the…


  - Contribute with…


  These unclear titles are only suitable to a news heading but not a work of a scientific research. Student should get recommendations from their instructor to title the research.



2.   How to get the ideas and get started ?

You can easily find your idea from sources such as:


- Lectures: in the process of instructing student in every class lessons, lecturers or teachers always provide students with suggestions, guidelines about the real issues of socio-economics.


- The portfolios of scientific research topic updated on web of UEB, VNU


- The recommendation of lecturers, teachers


- The innovation from a research done before


- The information: anything you find interesting


- The media: television programs, radio, news, reports…



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