As students of QH-2009-E Business Administration, who had two prized scientific research for BA faculty and for UEB student, Do Dinh Nam with many accumulated valuable experiences in the process of doing scientific research excited to have chance to share with other students, especially to the new coming to the scientific research passion.

   Do Nam Dinh (QH-2009-E BA, member of group won second place for UEB students’ Scientific Research in 2013 with the project "Research on the overall capacity development of human resources in small and medium enterprises in Vietnam" shared:


Do Dinh Nam - QH-2009-E BA


   As a final year students with chaotic learning and future plans; and also have  experience in scientific research from the previous term, so when starting the 2012-2013 school year, the group was wondering whether to do research. Our group only really decided when Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh shared about a promising research on the project. With the guidance of Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh on a new research direction in Vietnam made ​​the members extremely excited and impressed. From that moment, the group came up together determined to make this a profound project.


   To students doing scientific research is something meets many obstacles, up and down but it remained many unforgettable experiences.


   The first thing is the most important one is about grouping, as these members will always side by side to help each other overcome any issues might occur. They should be your closed-friend, who understand and can work well in the group with the other. If you doing your research individually, then keep calm and be success like Mr Phung Duc Quyen, who was award the first prize for UEB scientific research this year, or Mr Bui Khac Linh first prize in 2010 -2011.


   The second advice for the juniors: work well with your lecturers or instructors. In fact, they are always busy and don’t have enough time for a student research, but here in UEB we have lot of good teachers and lecturer who are full of energy, qualification and enthusiasm. Therefore, if you want a good result for you scientific research, you should work hard, so they a great off and be proactive. Then they will pay you back with power, unique ideas and a wide range of knowledge. Remember to be proactive as Dr Nguyen Dang Minh repeat over and over again every day.


  Do Dinh Nam (left) received the Second Prize of UEB Scientific Research in 2012-2013


   Last but not least, doing scientific research means being strict yourself, which is a prerequisite for us to overcome obstacles in the research process and gradually promote our works. In the other words, when doing any research, students should not be complacent and need to learn from mistakes and experience, work hard and gradually improve skills of researching better and better every day. Besides, as the Dr. Vu Anh Dung said in a conference, students should have an overview of the actual processing and the actual study of the particular product, useful as scientific papers or reports published. These do not contribute to the practice but also help you a lot later on future learning path.


   After wards, doing scientific research means an opportunity to widen and ensure your knowledge, it is the place we learn and play, and socialize to engage our lives to others. We don’t have to follow the path of doing research in the future, or right after graduation, but we are young, we have the chance to experience many colors of lives, the chance to fulfill our lives with meaningful memories, especially on the stage of being a college student. Lastly, remember not everyone must take part in doing scientific research, but scientific research is for anyone who has passion to do it. If you have passion, effort, a vision and goal, you can achieve the best result of your work and your community’s work. Come to Research projects of a true conqueror and you will succeed!

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