Project title: The effects of advertising strategy to consumers' buying behavior. case study in TH joint stock company
Authors: Nguyen Van Linh(Leader), Ho Thi Ngoc, Dang Thi Lien 
Supervisor's name: MBA Nguyen Thu Ha
Year: 2012-2013
Prize: Third prize BA's Faculty Award  
   Abstract content 
   In this paper, the conceptual model of factors affecting consumer’s  buying behavior, applying to the case of TH Joint Stock Company, is initially developed on the basis of theory of advertising strategy and consumer behavior. From the result of in-depth interviews with some specific groups, authors supplemented the model and finally had a proposed one with predicting variables (influential factors) including demographics, advertising media, advertising message, packaging designs and the system of TH True Mart store; the dependent variable is consumer buying behavior. To verify the validity of the proposed model and indicate the direction and level of correlation between variables, a sample survey was carried out with 245 respondents who are customers living in Hanoi. The data obtained was processed by SPSS 16.0 software, the correlation between variables in the model was tested by Structural Equation Modeling method. The research results show that the impact of demographic and the system store variables do not have statistical significance in most cases, while other predicting variables which are advertising media, advertising message and packaging design have positive correlations with consumers’ buying behavior. At the same time, the results also show the impact of specific factors in each group of variables mentioned above. Based upon the research results, several suggestions for other companies are recommended with the aim of finding and establishing an effective advertising strategy which has good access to their customer. Moreover, the authors point out the limitations of the research and recommend the subsequent development as a premise for further research in the future. 

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