This is first time the competition held  by the Business Administration Club – BA PLUS under the auspices of the Faculty of Business Administration and Student Association of the UEB, VNU.

"ACES - Shine Talent HR 2014" exploits a completely new topic - "Human Resource", which has never been held in VNU.


I. Purpose and significance:

The highlight of the ACEs competition is that it is not just talking about how to use the human resource effectively, but also put the young at every position to understand the operational characteristics of the job. The organizers want that from the real experience, each individual can find his proper place and become part of a large organization. ACEs are not only looking for outstanding individuals, the contest also shows how to build an outstanding team.

Through the contest, the young people will have  important skills, including recruitment, interviewing, assessment, group work, presentation, judgment and decision making. The actual situation will be brought under the professional support of the Advisory Board who are experienced and knowledgeable.

The contest is also an opportunity for students to expand your knowledge, and enhance confidence. The program is expected to become a practical and significant one to promote the image of the students, the particular club as well as UEB- VNU in general.


The competition is attractive not only thanks to new content, but also the team of judges, including:


Prof. Hoang Van Hai - Dean of Business Administration  Falcuty, UEB, VNU.


Dr. Phan Chi Anh - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics - VNU, director of international standard Business Administration (Strategic Mission) program.


Mr. Hoang Viet Ha – Member of Board of directors of Bao Viet  Group, Head of Group management activities of Bao Viet.


" ACES - Shine Talent HR 2014 " contest would likely be a meaningful and successful event, bring the good reputation not only for the club, but also for the  Faculty of Business Administration as well as for students of UEB.


II. Participants: All students currently studying at university or college.



III. Timeline:

The contest consists of three rounds:


- Round 1: " Positioning ourselves" (from 10 / 3-20 / 3): The contestants will submit a CV, a job description through email and take an online test.


- Round 2: " Team Building" (30/ 3). Teams were divided into 3 groups of people; take turns interviewing to find " mentor " and beat off the challenges. Round 2 was held in Hanoi Old Quarter.


- Round 3: Finale (10 /4): Four teams winning  Round 2 will enter the finale. There will be 3 main parts: introduction, challenges  and meeting of the Board of Directors.


IV. How to register:

Today, 3/10/2014, " ACES - HR talents 2014 " officially starts to receive application documents in round 1. Competition has officially been opened to welcome all the students to attend. Your chance has come and please do not hesitate, let's quickly register to participate in this rewarding playground.

- Step 1: Log in here and take the tests.

- Step 2: The contestants submitted entries to email: Aces.tainangnhansu2014 @ gmail.com before 24h00, 20/03/2014. Application documents include:

         + 01 The description of the job you are employed in a company / any organization (Employer's request for the position that you choose).

         + 01 The CV is applying for a position that you have chosen as above.


V. Awards:

First Prize: 3,000,000 VND  in cash + 70.5 million  VND scholarships.

Second Prize: 1,500,000 VND in cash + 61.5 million VND scholarships.

Individual excellence award: 1,000,000 VND in cash +  13 million VND scholarships.

Award for the most impressive CV: 300 000 VND in cash and  10.5 million VND scholarship.


If you need the detailed information about the contest, please visit Fanpage

Or email to: aces.tainangnhansu2014 @ gmail.com

Hotline: 0168.7417.019 (Ms Yen)

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