The new year clip by BA PLUS club is a meaningful present to all the teachers and students of UEB.


To celebrate the new year of Giap Ngo 2014, BA PLUS club members have created this clip as a sincere thanks to all the dedicated teachers as well as students of UEB, VNU.


Together with this thanking message, BA PLUS members also send best wishes of a happy and prosperous new year. This clip has presence of Nguyen Van Linh – president of club, manager Ngo Nhat Ha, vice president of External Affair - To Ngoc Lan and other members.


The mere act of making this clip indicates that the unity and the care for each other of club members. Moreover, it is a valuable present for teachers and students, in general, as well as for club members, in specific.


You could watch the clip HERE  

Happy new year – Giap Ngo 2014!
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