Opening for the 2013-2014 school year, Enactus Team of the University of Economics and Business - VNU organized a contest named MONEY's BOSS, one of the contests in the sharing financial skill forum: "How have I been spending money ?"

Beside Business Administration Club BA PLUS, there are many other clubs of the University of Economics and Business such as Enactus, YEC, MCC, TIE, BEOne, etc. and a lot of other clubs.


Each club operates in different ways, but their aim is always that: "Operation to create an environment helping students be more active." Because of such goals, there were a lot of remarkable events taking place in 2013. The most recent event was MONEY's BOSS Contest of Enactus Team, which took place on 09.09.2013, having left more successful than expected.


This contest was following the success of the sharing financial skill forum: "How have I been spending money?" Student Union of University of Economics and Business - VNU coordinated by SIFE club, UEB Enactus to organize the 2nd program located in the event series of propagating financial management skill for students with a lot of more surprised  and interesting things than BOSS's MONEY contest - Come join contest to be the boss of money.


MONEY's BOSS contest is especially useful playground for students of the University of Economics and Business, VNU. Over there, you are forming and strengthening the skill, background knowledge in finance, economics to help you be more familiar with study afterwards as well as to prevent from and solve financial problems in your student life. Also, it is the opportunity for  you to avoid the situation: "Early in month eating deliciously end of month to eating noodles ".


The contest ended up, but its success left significant experience for students.


Hopefully the contests as MONEY's BOSS will continue to contribute to equip students with necessary skills to serve academic life and living activities of VNU-UEB students as well as all the students who are interested in the program.

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